Coffee Facts


There is so much that goes into each cup of coffee you enjoy!  Consider a few facts about coffee as you hold the warm cup to your mouth…

  • Coffee originated in the mountains of Ethiopia, in eastern Africa.
  • Traders spread the plants throughout the world.
  • Once the drink only of royalty, coffee is now the second most popular beverage in the world.
  • Coffee is grown on trees that only thrive in the sub-tropics, the “belt” of the equator.
  • Each tree grows for roughly four years before it begins bearing fruit.
  • Each bean takes about nine months to ripen and, at Javaloha, is only picked by hand.
  • It takes well over six pounds of coffee fruit (cherries) to make one pound of roasted coffee.
  • US law allows up to 30% “other” per pound of ground coffee.  So ALWAYS buy whole beans!
  • Store your beans in an airtight container, away from light and heat.
  • You don’t need to freeze coffee beans – but if you must, bring them to room temperature before use.  Grind them as needed.  Freeze grounds, if you need to.
  • Every manufacturer gives directions for a “cup” of coffee, but their “cup” varies from 4-8oz.  Use these general rules as a guide and adjust to your taste.  There is no one way.
  • Grind your coffee as the manufacturer of your machine recommends first, then adjust as needed.
  • Always clean your machine between uses, as old residues can ruin a fresh pot of coffee.
  • Use approximately 1/2 tablespoon ground coffee per 6oz. of cool water, filtered if possible.
  • If you follow these directions and you feel the coffee is too “weak”, try grinding it a bit finer the next time, rather than adding more coffee.  If it is still too weak, begin adding 1 teaspoon additional grounds per cup until the desired strength is achieved.  If it seems too “strong”  try diluting it with hot water to reach the perfect cup for you.